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It's TruMan

Ps: It's TruMan are the love letters to a soulmate who understands the importance of the concepts that come with being a Nomad, all while knowing the'll be together again. She holds the letters as his presence and continues living her life until she hears from him again...

The "Lucid" Project

"My New Mixtape "Lucid'' is a story of a night and the different twists after the realization that one was in a Lucid Dream. Each Song was carefully placed in order to depict the proper changes in mood and situation during the experience. There are tons of new featured artists that brought their own twang and unique styles to the table, Enjoy!" - TruMan Styles

Tru And The PaQ

'Music is forever changing.. Although there is always preference to whether music is good or bad, it's still music in my ears. When I get in the studio (if i'm producing someone else) I always take the time to coach as much as I can to make sure they put out their best work. You never know, the world may hear it... Just express yourself!" - TruMan Styles

"I created HNHT (Head Nod Heart Thr) Records after a few 'mishaps' of record companies. This time I went in depth and made sure everybody on the team was willing to not submit to the basic jobs of society, but to express themselves and know that whatever it is they have fun with and want to do in life, they can achieve if they truly desire it." - TruMan Styles

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