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Watch gameplay of TruManST and Kami PhD playing new and old games on playstation and PC! If you want to see him live follow him here on 

Detroit Become HuMan

TruMan just kicked off the series of 'Detroit Become TruMan' with the video game Detroit Become Human! Episodes will be released every Monday and Thursday, Watch now and subscribe for more!

The Beasts!

Check out TruMan Styles official entrance to the gaming community with his video of a game called Gang Beasts! Like and Subscribe for more and if you like the game and want to play yourself or with friends buy it on steam for $20!

Resident Evil 7

Watch TruMan jump and yell at the characters in the horror game Resident Evil 7! More to come soon and many more gameplay on the way! Comment your recommendations on what you think would be a fun game to see him play!

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